Top 10 Fastest Cars in Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK

Top 10 Fastest Cars in Car Parking Multiplayer

You may be wondering which one is the fastest car, although you can give a try to all cars but car parking multiplayer mod apk is providing 70+ cars so it can take time to check all of the cars at once. This article is all about the top 10 fastest cars in this game.

1. Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron is the king car all above the cars in car parking multiplayer. It can be unlocked with 500 coins but in our mod version it is already unlocked and can be played freely. Its power is 1500hp and 1550 torque power make it the most roar and fastest car in the history of car parking games.

2. Ford Mustang Boss 302 Hoonicorn

For Mustang is the 2nd fastest car in car parking game. it can be unlocked with 1000 coins. Our MOD APK is providing unlimited coins and gold. You don’t have to buy coins or money in the game to unlock this Ford Mustang. It is already available free. It weight 1300 units and comes with gear of 8. It has most of its speed in 8th. The fastest speed will give the most of excitement.

3. 1994 Toyota Supra MK-4

The 1994 Toyota Supra MK4 secures 3rd placeof fastest car in car parking multiplayer mod apk. It can be unlocked with 137000 coins but in our version it is free to play and simulate. Its power is 1200hp and 1500 torque units. It provides an exhilarating ride with 8 gear 1178 units of mass.

4. Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R secures the 4th position of fastest car in this game. It can be unlocked with 1670000 coins. its power is 1115 hp and 1300 torque units that deliver remarkable acceleration. It is turbo charge in 2 seconds.

5. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Bugatti Veyron super short is on 5th place demands 1640000 coins to unlock. its power is 1001hp and torque unites 1400. It is turbo charged in 3 seconds. This car is available free of cost on

6. McLaren P1

McLaren P1, also known as supercar considered on 6th place in this game. it demands 1145000 coins to unlock but available free on our website. Its power is 920hp and torque unit. It has 8 gear and fastest speed.

7. Ford F-150 Hoonicorn 1030

The Ford F-150 secures 7th position in car parking multiplayer for the fastest car. it demands 1000 coins to be unlocked . its power is 914hp and torque unit 1002. It has aerodynamic design and turbocharge in 2 seconds available to play free on our website.

8. Dodge SRT Challenger

Dodge SRT Challenger secures 8th place of fastest car in this game, it costs 1220000 coins. The car power is 808hp and torque unit 1940 available on our website.

9. Kenworth T660

The Kenworth T660 is low cost truck available to unlock at 1000 coins, secure 9th position. Its power is 800hp and it accelerate impressively. It take 1 second to turbocharge.

10. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ secure 10th position. Its price is 1625000 coins and its power is 790hp and torque units 1575. This car is available to try free on our website.

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